Linguistic services

Due to the increasing internationalization of Spanish entities and new collaborations worldwide, there is an increased demand for sworn and simple translation services.

As a freelance translator, I am committed with providing a professional and personal service, and guaranteeing high-quality translations from English and French into Spanish for the client. In addition, I also offer proofreading services to ensure the most accurate translation.

In many cases, a client will want to collect and update a terminology database for the company. I create such a database for clients the first time I work with them so that it can be used and updated every time I am in charge with a translation project.


I provide translation and proofreading services on a wide range of documents, depending of the area:

Bio-sanitary documents: fact sheets for patients, information consents, clinical trial protocols, odontology-related documents, summaries of product characteristics, clinical guides, case reports, articles for scientific journals, patient information leaflets, advertisements…

Legal documents: commercial and private law documents (articles of association, company registrations, regulations for meetings of shareholders, boards regulations), powers, deeds, certificates of company registration, tax documents, academic certificates, titles and records…

Specialization — Professionalism — Quality — Human Values

Every translation or proofreading project I do, carries a deep process of documentation about the topic translated. I really care about my projects, and my know-how and expertise is reflected in every one of the translated documents.

When I talk to my clients, words such as professionalism and human values appear always in the conversation; I do realize that every project is different from the rest, and it’s necessary to focus on each one in a personalized way.